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Sewing the 1976 Vintage Vogue Diane Von Furstenburg Wrap Dress: A Journey to the Past

Hey there, People of Purpose!

Today we are diving into the timeless beauty of the 1976 Vintage VOGUE Sewing Pattern WRAP DRESS designed by the iconic Diane Von Furstenberg. Let's get into it.

Fabric Used:

Red Poppies Jersey Knit from Jo-Ann. Last time I went back they said this fabric is no longer available, but check your local store. They may have more in stock there.

Pattern Info/Size Cut:

Vogue patteen V2000. I cut a size 14 (with a little modification)

Sewing this vintage pattern was like uncovering a treasure trove of classic style. The vibrant Red Poppies Jersey Knit from Jo-Ann (fabric is no longer available) added a touch of playfulness to the elegant design. After sewing up and putting on the dress, I couldn't help but wish I had cut the shoulder in a size 12 for a better fit in the shoulder area. But hey, that's part of the journey, right? You sew and you learn.

Modifications Made

The only modification made was tapering the sleeves on my dress. I initially sewed this dress with the cuff sleeve option, but preferred the tapered look. I felt this design looked better with this fabric choice.

Final Thoughts on the Pattern:

I absolutely adore this vintage pattern! The sizing was spot on, a testament to the craftsmanship of the era. However, the instructions are not as modernized as the current Vogue patterns, requiring some sewing knowledge to adapt modern techniques for a smoother and faster sewing process.

A Little History Behind the Pattern

Diane von Furstenberg began to make her everlasting imprint on the fashion world and designed the now-iconic wrap dress in 1974.

The wrap dress was an international success, and put DVF’s name on the map in the fashion industry. A dress which is suitable for every kind of body type, that can transition seamlessly to every occasion.

The wrap dress has been worn by thousands of women, and hundreds of celebrities. It was created in all types of colorful patterns and fabrics. By 1975, DVF was making 15,000 wrap dresses a week.

The 1970s patterns were all in the Very Easy Vogue line, available in single sizes and most were for stretchable knits.

Throughout the next few years, various versions of the Wrap Dress were designed within the DVF line and still remain in the DVF pattern vault.

I have been a fan of the DVF wrap dress for quite some time , however, buying one of her designs was not in my budget lol. When I began sewing, imagine how happy I was when I found out that Vogue had patterns that would allow me to sew my own DVF dress. If you are a fan of her wrap dresses, you'll be happy to know that V2000 has been re-released and you can own a pattern today. Visit the Simplicity Website to purchase your pattern. I look forward to seeing what you sew up.

Thank you, People of Purpose, for taking the time to read this blog post. May your sewing journey be filled with joy, purpose, and endless creativity! Thank you for joining me on this journey and for being here to support my passions.

Be blessed and have a beautiful day,




Feb 15

Smashing dress! My Joanns still has this fabric and so I do believe I'm going to copycat you. I love myself a wrap dress. Thanks for sharing your journey. P.S. I can by way of Anita's blog post which I got to via her review left on Happy sewing!


Feb 14

Just saw your dress on Anita By Design, and followed you here. Love your version of the iconic DVF wrap dress! I've loved this dress

and pattern since I made one in the 70's and sooo happy it's been re-released. I'm ordering the pattern today and can't wait to make it up. You are a lovely and talented lady, and I'm so encouraged and inspired by your blog. Be blessed as you bless others!


Feb 01

Beautiful make you look stunning! Those heels are 🔥


Jan 30

It's a great show! Everyone will enjoy the fashions and the story.


Jan 30

I watched her Masterclass last year, it's quite good...definitely made me want a wrap dress. Hopefully I can find one of these vintage patterns. Beautiful job!

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