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Learning The Proper Way: The Best Sewing Resources

As an always-learning sewist, one thing I constantly remind myself is that there are far too many valuable resources out there for me not to invest the time to learn the proper way. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your techniques, there's a great amount of information available that can help you grow and excel in your sewing journey. From YouTube tutorials to comprehensive online programs and insightful books, here are some of the best resources with links to help you master the art of sewing.

1.  Online Sewing Programs

There are a wide range of online video based sewing programs for you to choose from. They are a great way for you to recieve lessons from some of the best in the sewing world. These online programs allow you to learn at your pace, and build on your skills with step by step sew-along. Below are some recommended online sources to explore:

Baby Lock's SewEd offers a range of online classes for all skill levels. The platform provides detailed tutorials and lessons on various sewing techniques, machine embroidery, quilting, and more. These classes are taught by expert instructors and cover both basic and advanced sewing skills.

Anita Morris offers a fantastic online sewing program tailored for beginners. Her videos are encouraging and thorough, guiding new sewists through the basics of garment sewing with patience and expertise.

Created by Mimi G., Sew It Academy offers structured online courses for sewists of all levels. The academy covers a wide range of topics, including pattern making, sewing techniques, and even sewing business insights. It's perfect for those who prefer a more organized learning approach.

Craftsy (formerly Bluprint) is a comprehensive online learning platform that offers a wide range of sewing courses for different skill levels. They cover everything from beginner stuff to advanced sewing tricks.

CreativeBug teaches sewing in easy steps. You can learn quilting, making clothes, and more, no matter your skill level.

Sew Over It helps you make clothes easily. They teach you how to read patterns, sew well, and fix fitting issues.

2.  YouTube Tutorials

YouTube offers a wealth of sewing tutorials suitable for all levels of expertise. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced sewist, looking to undertake various projects or simply in need of a quick guide on a specific technique, YouTube is the place to go. Below are some recommended channels to check out:

   - Made to Sew, run by Aneka Truman, offers comprehensive tutorials for sewers of all levels. Aneka covers many topics, from basic sewing techniques to complex garment construction. Her clear, detailed instructions and professional presentation make it easy to follow along and learn new skills. The channel also includes pattern drafting and fitting advice, making it a great resource for those looking to create custom-fit clothing.

   - Sewing Parts Online provides a vast library of sewing tutorials and tips. The channel is perfect for those looking to enhance their sewing machine knowledge, with numerous videos on machine maintenance, troubleshooting, and accessories. Additionally, they offer project-based tutorials that cover a variety of sewing techniques and skills, making it a versatile resource for sewers at different skill levels.

   - Brittany J Jones is known for her engaging and easy-to-follow sewing tutorials. Her channel covers a wide range of sewing projects, including garment construction, pattern reviews, and tips for beginners. Brittany’s positive and encouraging teaching style makes her videos enjoyable and accessible, helping viewers build confidence in their sewing abilities. She also shares valuable insights into sewing techniques and fabric choices.

Angelina from BlueprintDIY focuses on sustainable fashion through upcycling and refashioning thrifted clothing. Her channel features a variety of projects, from simple alterations to complete transformations of garments. Angelina's clear instructions and creative ideas encourage viewers to rethink their old clothes and give them a new life.

Montoya Mayo’s channel offers a range of sewing tutorials, focusing on stylish and trendy garments. Her videos include sew-alongs, pattern hacks, and fabric selection tips. Montoya’s engaging teaching style and modern aesthetic make her channel a great source of inspiration for those looking to create fashionable clothing.

   - Mimi G Style, is a hugely popular sewing channel that combines fashion and DIY. Mimi G is celebrated for her stylish and trendy clothing tutorials, making high fashion accessible to home sewers. Her videos often include full sew-alongs, pattern reviews, and practical sewing tips. Mimi G's vibrant personality and clear instruction make her channel both entertaining and educational, perfect for those looking to create fashionable, professional-quality clothing.

- Professor Pincushion, run by Tova, offers an extensive library of sewing tutorials covering a wide range of topics. The channel is known for its detailed, step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow, making it ideal for beginners and advanced sewers alike. From basic sewing techniques and machine maintenance to complex garment construction and pattern making, Professor Pincushion provides a wealth of knowledge to help you improve your sewing skills.

These channels provide a diverse range of tutorials and projects that cater to different skill levels, offering valuable resources for anyone looking to enhance their sewing skills.

3. Essential Sewing Books

Books are another great way to deepen your sewing knowledge. Here are some must-haves to add to your arsenal of sewing books. I have a few of these; the rest were highly recommended by other sewists.

  • "The Sewing Book" by Alison Smith -This comprehensive guide covers everything from basic stitches to advanced techniques. With detailed instructions and illustrations, it's an invaluable resource for sewists of all levels.

  • "Confident Sewing Collection" by Nancy Zieman - Nancy Zieman's book is a fantastic resource for building your sewing confidence. It covers a range of techniques and projects, helping you to master your sewing skills and create beautiful, professional-looking items.

  • "The Mood Guide to Fabric and Fashion" - This book, inspired by the renowned Mood Fabrics store in New York, is a great resource for understanding different fabrics and their uses in fashion. It provides insights into fabric selection, care, and fashion trends, making it a necessary addition to the library of sewers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

  • "Sewing Made Simple" by the Editors of Threads - If you're new to sewing and feeling a bit lost, this book is for you. It explains all the essential sewing stuff in easy-to-understand language, like how to use a sewing machine and sew a straight line.

  • "Sustainable Sewing" by the Editors at Sew News - This book is perfect for anyone who loves upcycling and refashioning. In this book, the editors of Sew News share everything you need to get started on your sustainable sewing journey sewing garments, accessories, and decors.

  • "Fabric Savvy" by Sandra Betzina - This book is an essential guide for understanding different types of fabric. It provides detailed information on how to sew with various fabrics, offering tips and tricks to handle them properly and get the best results.

  • "Draping: The Complete Course" by Karolyn Kiisel - This comprehensive guide to draping is perfect for anyone interested in learning the art of draping fabric to create beautiful garments. It covers everything from basic techniques to advanced draping skills, with detailed instructions and illustrations.

Taking Pride in Your Growth

As you check out these resources and spend time improving your sewing, be proud of your progress. Sewing takes patience, practice, and persistence. Celebrate your small wins and enjoy the learning process. Every new technique you learn and every project you finish shows your dedication and passion passion for sewing.

So, whether you're watching a YouTube tutorial, taking an online class, or reading a sewing book, learn the right way. With so many resources available, there's no limit to what you can do with sewing. Enjoy the process and watch your skills grow!

Thank you, People of Purpose, for taking the time to read this blog post. I hope that it was helpful and informative. May your sewing journey be filled with learning, growth, purpose, and endless creativity!

Be blessed and have a beautiful day,




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