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The Versatile Top: Simplicity 9469

Hi everyone! I hope all is well with you. I am so very excited because IT’S VIRGO SEASON AGAIN!!! On September 13th I will be turning the big 4-0! This year I am sewing up a few looks for each outing leading up to my birthday. Today I am sharing a pattern that I hacked to create a versatile look that I can wear in different ways to give me more options in how I style it. I wore this as a top out to lunch with the hubby.

Fabric Used

For this project I decided to use this printed chiffon from Melanated Fabrics that has been in my stash since this spring. This is a non-stretch woven that is slightly translucent. It has a nice drape and a silky feel to it. It is great for dresses, cover-ups or a lightweight duster, skirts, or tops.

Pattern Used/Size Cut

I used Simplicity 9469 for my project. It is a pullover top in two lengths, tunic or hip length. This pattern provides four views. You can choose from a V-shape with ties, a V-shape with elastic in the waist area to create a peplum look, A cut-out neckline with ties, or a cut out neckline with ties in a longer length. There are also sleeve length options. My bust is between 36 and 38, my waist is 31, and my hip is 40. I cut a size 14 and it fit perfectly. If you would like an in depth discussion on how to find your correct pattern size, check out this Youtube video I made about four years ago. The information is still relevant today.


If you have been following me for a while, then you know I love to sew pieces that I can style and wear multiple ways. I slightly hacked Simplicity 9469 to create a piece I can wear as a top and as a dress.

To turn this pattern into a dress, I simply added about four inches to the length. Make sure to do proper measurement to make sure that you cut the length you desire. I also shortened the sleeve as it would have been a bit too long for my shorter arms. Remember, a lot of these patterns are designed for heights 5’7″, I am 5’3″.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed sewing this pattern. My focus in my sewing journey is to create pieces that I want to wear all of the time in a variety of ways for many occasions. This pattern is versatile and you will have infinite choices how how to recreate it to fit your style. The sizing as always is not exactly on point, so make sure to take proper measurements of yourself and your pattern pieces to make sure that you are cutting the correct size. Also, if you have never sewn with this pattern before, create a muslin so that you can fit it and make necessary adjustments before cutting into your desired fabric.

I love this shot. I couldn’t help the leg up pose. My husband was taking the photo and I felt flirty lol.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog, I truly appreciate it. I hope that this blog was informative and that you learned something that will help you in your next sewing project. I also hope that I have inspired you to look beyond the pattern photo to create your own design that fits your style. Comment below and let me know your thoughts or questions. Also, please make sure to subscribe to my blog.


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