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The Lessons They Teach Us

Hello everyone, I hope that all is well with you. There are many moments in my life that make me proud to be a mother, but there are some that just sticks out. I don’t usually tell every good deed that is done by me and my family, because I feel that when you do something from the heart, it does not need to be broadcasted. However, I felt the need to share an experience that I had with my daughter that brought tears to my eyes.

A little while ago we were going through some financial hardship, but we still wanted to make sure that my our daughter had a great birthday (tearing up thinking about it). I took her to get a nice dress and spend some mommy-Jaime time together. As we were driving we passed by an homeless man in the shopping center. We still had a left over ziploc bag that we packed with knick knacks for the needy. We gave it to him, but to Jaime it was not enough. She said, “mommy, can’t we give him some money so that he can get something to eat.” I told her that I didn’t have cash, and proceeded to remind her of our financial situation, and how we ourselves struggled just to get things together to help her celebrate her birthday. This sweet girl of mine looked at me and said, “mommy aren’t you the one that always said if you have a little give a little, and if you have a lot give alot?” I looked at her and said yes Jaime, I do tell you and your brother that. She she paused for a second and looked at me, and the words that came out of her mouth next still brings joyful tears to my eyes. My sweet and thoughtful daughter said, “mommy, I don’t need a dress for my birthday, I have clothes, lets take the money and get the man something.” She pointed out the IHOP next to us and we proceeded to go into the restaurant and get a gift card for the man with her dress money. She even checked with the lady at the front of the restaurant to make sure that they wouldn’t give him problems to eat there. I parked the car and I let her give the man the gift card. He looked at us and tears fell down his cheeks and he thanked us several times, and he told me that I had an angel with me.

My children have always been a blessing in my life, and I try my best to teach them the importance of giving back, but on that day, my daughter taught me that you never have too little to give.


My sweet angel

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog, please feel free to comment below.


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