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The Birthday Jacket: Simplicity 8843

Hi everyone! I hope all is well with you. We are going through trying times, and many of us are struggling to get used to a new way of living. We are quarantined in our homes, and we can not gather with family and friends. Even as a homebody, not being able to gather with family and close friends is what I struggle with getting used to.. As upsetting as it is, we can all be grateful for our health and piece of mind.

My daughter’s birthday was on April 10. The day was not spent the way she had hoped, but she made the best out of the situation. Due to her beautiful attitude, I was determined to give her an amazing gift. What is more amazing than something that is custom made?

Fabric Used

I found a green camouflage twill fabric at Hobby Lobby a while back, before they were closed. I am so glad that I found it when I did, because when my daughter told me that she wanted a camo jacket, all I had to do was pull it from my stash. The width of the fabric is 58.” It is lightweight and 100% cotton.

Pattern Used

For this pattern, I used Simplicity 8843 Anorak jacket pattern. The pattern offers four different views to choose from. It also features optional hood with zip-front closure and pocket variations.

I sewed view B with view A pockets.

Size Cut

The pattern ranges from size XXS-XXL. I cut a XXS for my daughter. It was a little big, but she wanted me to keep it that way. In the end, it was a good decision keep it a little large, she will have room to grow into it. Who wants to spend that much time sewing something for someone, for it to only fits for a short amount of time? Not me.


I made my own twill tape out of fabric for the cord that is placed in the casing at the waist area, and cut a shorter length, because the suggested length was entirely too long for me. I also added a lining to the jacket and sleeves. Slip stitching the facing on the inside of the jacket is something that I did because I did not want to topstitch the outside. I felt the slip stitching made it look cleaner than it did with the topstitching lines on the outside of the jacket. I choose to use a yellow cotton fabric that I had in my stash because yellow is my daughter’s favorite color.

I ordered a cord stopper, but it was taking so long to get here that I decided to improvise by tying a knot on the end of the fabric until the stopper gets here.

I would have liked to use a thread that matched the color of the lining, but it would have looked strange along the outside against the camouflage fabric.

Pattern Review

This was my first time making a anorak jacket, and I must say that I loved every minute of it. The pattern was pretty easy, and the instructions were easy to follow. I love that the instructions also has definitions of certain terms for those whom are beginners. The sizing on the envelope said the I should cut a extra small. However, the correct size for me to cut for my daughter was the XXS. Many of the big four patterns are off when it comes to sizing. Simplicity, New Look, and Burda are usually on point with their sizing, with simplicity only being off by about two inches. I made a Youtube video about two years ago on how to find your correct pattern size about two years ago, check it out.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read my blog. It means so much to me. I hope that it was helpful and inspiring. Do not forget to follow my blog so that you will stay up to date on new content post. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Quote of the Day

“The best thing you can do for yourself is live a life that is fulfilling, and do all the things that make you happy.”


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