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Project Organizing

Hi everyone! I hope all is well with you. I have been sewing like a maniac lately, and I have been enjoying it. The problem that I was having was how unorganized my project planning has been. Most days when I get ready to sew, I often find myself wishing that I had pre-prepped my projects ahead of time.


The picture above is how I used to organize my projects. I thought that I was so brilliant picking out my fabric and then placing the pattern on top of it. I later found that it was not as organized as I thought it would be. Fabric was piling up and falling off of my shelf. Also, waiting until I was ready to sew meant cutting pattern pieces and fabric before sewing, which was so time consuming. Well, while prepping dinner one morning I looked at the one gallon ziploc bag and thought, “aha.” I picked out a pattern that I wanted to use, cut the pattern to the desired size, cut the fabric, place the fabric and pattern pieces in the ziploc bag, and put it on my shelf until I was ready to use it.


Clean and organized

Since I started prepping and placing my projects in a ziploc bag, I have been saving so much time, my sewing time had been cut in half. I take one day to prep my projects for the following week. I am curious to know how you all organize your projects. Please share your ideas, it may help someone else to be better organized themselves.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog, have a blessed day.


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