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Hello everyone, I hope that you are all well. This is going to be a short blog. I just wanted to share some good news with you all. I was approached to make six girls dresses for for a photoshoot with Stargazer Photography. I feel so honored to be asked to be a part of this project. A long time ago I learned that if you work hard and stick to something, you will succeed.

For this project I am using satin and chiffon fabric to make the dresses, as well as New Look 6222 and New Look 6202 to create the bodices, which will be designed with braided straps. I am looking forward to completing this project and sharing the final outcome with you all. Below is a sneak peak of one of the dresses that I am working on  for the photoshoot. Until next time, thank you for reading my blog, and have a great day.



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