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McCalls 7482: Little Red Trendy Hood

Hello everyone! I am coming to you today with a pattern that is meant to be used for athletic wear, but, being the rebel that I am, I decided to go my own way with it. The pattern is M7482, I sewed view B.

In order to make the jacket that I had in mind, I had to find the perfect fabric, and that I did, at my local Joanns Fabric store. I purchased a floral and a solid black stretch corduroy denim fabrics. I wanted to do a contrast like the photo on the pattern envelope, but I wanted it to stand out.

Due to the fact that the stretch denim fabric that I chose only had a crosswise stretch, and not a two-way stretch like the fabric that is suggested on the pattern package, I had to add an extra 1/2 seam allowance to ensure a perfect fit.

Another decision that I made was to add a lining in the hood using a red linen favric that I had in my stash. I added lining because I knew that with the hood being larger than a normal, the inside would be visible, plus, I wanted to add a little drama.

I absolutely loved the way that my jacket turned out. It is so cool and trendy, yet fun and comfortable. I went against the construction direction a little bit and put the contrasting sleeve on the solid colored side of the jacket instead of the contrasting side as suggested by the pattern company.

I hope that you enjoyed my version of M7482. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please continue scrolling up for more photos of “Little Red Trendy Hood.” Until next time, have a blessed and joyful day.


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