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LA Finch Reds: Simplicity 8800 Hack and Simplicity 8841 Pants

Hi everyone! I hope all is well with you. We have made it to 2021 and this is my first blog post of the year! Let’s hope that it is way better than the chaos we called 2020. This year I am committing to be more consistent with my blog posts. I love to blog, and I am so happy to share my first projects of the year with you. I love to hack patterns. It’s not that I do not like patterns as is, but I like to take patterns and experiment on how many ways I can recreate it. It has increased my level of creativity and sewing skills. Don’t you agree? Okay, let’s get into the details of these fabrics and patterns.

Fabric Used

I used the Famous Maker Boho Abstract Rayon Challis (top) and the Famous Maker Rayon Twill Paprika Red Woven (bottom). The Abstract Rayon Challis is a 100% rayon medium weight fabric with a slight stretch. It is ideal for dresses, skirts, blouses, and more.

The Rayon Twill is also a 100% rayon medium weight fabric. It has a wonderful drape and is nice and flowy. Like the Rayon Challis, it is also perfect for dresses, skirts, blouses, and more. However, it is a little heavier than the Challis.

Tips for Sewing With Rayon

  1. Purchase a little more than what is required on the pattern envelope, and pre-wash your fabrics before cutting ,as rayon does shrinks

  2. Use fine tipped or pins to pin this delicate fabric, as larger pins can leave holes. You can also use clips to hold the fabric pieces together if you prefer.

  3. Use a rotary cutter when cutting out your fabric pieces, as it will allow for more precise cutting without snagging and pulling this slippery fabric.

  4. Use an extra sharp ball point needle – a 75/11 or 80/11.

Pattern Used/Size Cut

For my dress, I used Simplicity Pattern 8800 (left), which I hacked and turned into a dress.

Simplicity 8800 is a loungewear pattern. The pattern includes a Misses’ robe in two lengths with optional tie and pocket, pull-on wide-leg pants, cross-over top, and bralette. It ranges from XS-XL. I used view D for my hack and cut a small.

For my pants, I used my go to tried and true pants pattern, Simplicity Pattern 8841 . Simplicity 8841 is a pull on pants pattern. the pattern features a wide- or slim-leg design with optional tie belt and cargo pockets. Both wide- and slim-leg pants are available in two lengths. It ranges from sizes 6-22. I created view B and cut a size 12.

The links to the patterns I shared is to the Simplicity website, but both patterns can also be found on Amazon an Etsy for less. I have attached the amazon and Etsy links below. If Jo-Ann has their pattern sale, and it’s in stock that may be your best option spending wise.

Simplicity 8800: Amazon $9.95 and Etsy $6.95

Simplicity 8841: Amazon $9.95 and Etsy $5.33


The only pattern that I modified was Simplicity 8800. The hack with quite simple, and did not take much manipulation. I cut the pattern pieces as is and stitched the front and back pieces together along the side seams. Next I stitched the front pieces together all the way up to my desired neckline length. I then shortened the front band enough to use it along the newly created neckline.

I folded the front band piece in half, pressed it, pressed the seam allowance under on the other folded side, and stitched the raw edge side of the folded half all around the neckline. I then pulled it inside of the garment, ensuring that the folded seam allowance covers the raw edge of the inside neckline area. I then crossed the right side over the left, making sure that the exposed band on the outside of the garment is folded under and pressed. Next I pinned everything in place and topstitched along edge of the band on the outside of the garment. I finished the exposed inside band with my serger.

I topstitched along the edge making sure to catch the fabric on the inside. I also topstitched along the corner and the side of the neckline where the two bands connect.

I left a center split down the front of the dress to give it a little sex appeal, because I feel that leaving it stitched all the way down would have made the dress look a little unappealing for my taste. Lastly, I added elastic to the hem of the sleeve.

Hacking Tips:

  1. If you are not an intermediate or novice pattern hacker, start with simple hacks such as lengthening a t-shirt pattern into a dress, changing the shape of a sleeve similar to what I did, or turning a knee-length dress into a maxi dress. Once you have experimented with minor changes you and feel comfortable doing so, you will have the confidence to tackle something a bit more ambitious.

  2. Always trace your pattern onto tracing paper before hacking. You may go through several pattern drafts before you get to your intended result.

  3. Make sure that you are working from a pattern that has already been altered to fit you well.

  4. Always try on your garment as you sew to make sure the fit and look is what you desire.

  5. think outside the box and have fun experimenting and learn, that is how you build creativity and skill.

For my pants, no modifications were made. I wanted something simple since red is such an eye catching color. I have created so many pants and pajama pants out of Simplicity 8841, and for all of you beginner pants makers out there, this is a perfect beginner pattern.

Final Thoughts

Both the LA Finch Boho Abstract Rayon Challis and the Rayon Twill Paprika Red fabrics were a dream to work with. The colors are vibrant and perfect for creating flowy dresses or pants as I did. I absolutely love the dress I created as well as my pants. Though I am just really getting into wearing red on a normal basis ( check your girl out wearing red lipstick for the first time lol), I plan to get lots of wear from these garments I have created. Plus, valentines day is coming next month, and they say that red is the color of love ❤️.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog, I truly appreciate it. I hope that this blog was informative and that you learned something that will help you in your next sewing project. Comment below and let me know your thoughts or questions. Also, please make sure to subscribe to my blog.

Quote of the Day: “Live each day with intention”


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