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It’s Been a Long Time, Let’s Catch Up.

Hello everyone. It has been such a long time since I have been on here. Life has been very busy the last 6 months. I started working again and the kids were both in sports, my daughter cheered and my son played football, and that took up all of our time.I am very understanding to the parents who stick with their children all the way through their sports ventures, it is a lot of hard work and dedication.

Football/Cheer season. Breast cancer support game.

I usually cook dinner about 5 to 6 days a week, but during the football season we ate out so much, Chick-fil-A employees knew us and our order 😂😂😂. It was as if we worked, took the kids to practice and games, and that was our week for months. Also we are involved in quite a bit at our church, so when we weren’t at sporting events, we were at a church event. Our schedules were so busy that we rarely did anything together for fun, except, we did sneak in some time for Halloween fun.

Trick or treat

While the kids trick or treat, the adults will play.

After the football/cheer season ended, we told the little ones that we are taking a break from all sporting, and other extracurricular activities for the rest of the year. We wanted to rest and get back to spending our free time together doing fun activities. We decided that we were going to make up for all the family time lost due to busy schedules. The kids were so tired and burned out that they made no arguments at our decion.

Before we knew it, it was time to celebrate all that we are thankful for, Thanksgiving was here and so were many family and friends. We spent the week at my brother’s and of course the kids were excited, they got to see their cousins everyday (we live a distance from my brother). It was a wonderful holiday, and the best part was hearing my dad say how blessed he felt to have most of his children and grandchildren under one roof with him.

The inseparable cousins

My brother, sister, sister-in-law, and my nieces and nephew

One of the coolest things we did to start off the Christmas season was take a trip to the Chick-fil-A headquarters with some friends. It was amazing, especially for me, because I used to work for Chick-fil-A in college and even met Mr. Truett Cathy once. He was such a kind, humble, and true to heart man. We got to tour the facility, and also view his car collection (including the batmobile). The kids got facepainting, photos with Santa, and other great things. One of the best and most touching part of our visit to the headquarter was being in Mr. Cathy’s office. It was filled with memorabilias and family photos. It was a great office, but not as extravagant as you would think , considering how rich he was. His office was nice, but humble, just like the man.

Me and the hubs next to the batmobile

Sharing moments with friends

My beautiful reindeer

Truett Cathy’s office

This year my family and I were blessed to perform in a live nativity at a local attraction. It was very cold, but worth every moment, because it is a memory that will forever be with us. To be able to say that my family and I had an opportunity to tell a portion on Jesus’s story was such an honor.

Myself and my son played Shepherds, my husband is Joseph, and my daughter was the angel.

Through all of the wonderful things we were involved in, there is something that I had not done in a long time, and I missed it dearly. Sewing. I used to sew morning, noon, and night, but life has bern so busy that I locked my sewing room door so that I wouldn’t have to look in there. Well, after months of being apart, my sewing machine and I have reunited and it feels so good (I had to throw that song in there 😂😂). The first project that I tackled was making my daughter a dress for Christmas, and I must say that I am very proud of the outcome. I drafted the bodice pattern myself and made a gathered skirt to attach to the bodice. I had hope to make a matching skirt for me, but time got the best of me. She loved her dress and it was so awesome to sit in front of my sewing machine and create again.

My daughter wearing the dress I made for her.

This has been quite a busy, crazy, and fun couple of months thanks to wonderful family and friends. It is so great to be back on my blog, I have so much to share in the coming year. Thank you all for reading and following my blog thus far. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy holiday!!


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