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Houndstooth Cardigan


          Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you, and that you had a wonderful holiday.  I have not posted in a while because I had carpal tunnel sugery. The first couple of days were very painful once the numbing wore off, but now my carpal tunnel pain is gone and I can get back to sewing, and other DIYs that I enjoy. I am so ready to share with you all, 2016 will be my year of little talk and more action, and I hope that you all join me on this journey. Today I am going to talk about my new favorite thing; the houndstooth cardigan that I made using MCcall pattern 7254. I have had this pattern for a while and have been looking for just the right print and fabric to bring it to life, and I did.

Fabric Used: I found a red, white, and black ponte knit fabric which was bold enough to make a statement, but refined enough to bring a chic look to any outfit that you pair it with.

Modifications: For this cardigan, I did not have to make a lot of modifications, I cut a size 12 and took two inches off in the back because I wanted to to have a distinctive curve to the shape of the cardigan.

Were the instructions easy to follow?: The instructions were very easy to follow, but If you are not knowledgeable about sewing basics, you will have a hard time with the terms and instructions.

What do you like most about this pattern?: This pattern offers five different cardigan styles to choose from and I plan on making more to add to my wardrobe. You can also use this pattern throughout the year by using lighter knits and shortening the sleeves (if you desire)  for the warmer months and using thicker fabrics for the colder months.


What I’m wearing:  I paired my cardigan with a black stretch pants that I made a long time ago with my own pattern (pattern created using another pair of pants that I own), platforms that I bought from Payless, a simple black tee, and a beautiful necklace that was gifted to my by a good friend. I wore all black with this look because I wanted the cardigan to stand out and the color to pop.


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