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DIY Summer Looks: Jessica Dress & New Look 6456

Hi everyone. I hope that all is well with you. With everything going on, I truly needed a getaway with the family. When life gets hectic, it is always so good to just get in the car and go somewhere, even if it’s just a few miles away. We rented a house in Cape Coral, Florida, and it was beautiful. Though we pretty much stayed in due to Corona Virus, it wasn’t too bad. The kids loved having a pool to jump into everyday, and I loved that the home sat on the water, and I was able to sit on the dock, relax, and take time to reflect on things.

I must say that one of the highlights of my trip was opening my suitcase and seeing that all the clothes I brought was memade, and today I am going to talk about two of those makes and the amazing fabrics that helped bring them to life. Continue reading because there’s a little surprise at the end to say thank you.

Fabric Used

For my recent DIY fashion pieces, I used two amazing fabrics from LA Finch. The first is a Cone Mill Textured Chambray shirting. It is a lightweight 100% cotton with a slight drape. It’s perfect for dresses or shirts.

I also used the Cone Mills Non-Stretch Fashion Denim Burgundy. It is also a 100% non-stretch cotton. It is a bit rigid, but softens a little after a wash.

Pattern Used

For the gorgeous summer chambray dress, I used the Jessica dress pattern by Mimi G. Let me start by saying that the Jessica dress is the best summer dress pattern, and that is a fact. If you don’t believe me, search the hashtag on Instagram. It is a button up dress with a sweetheart bodice. It also has large pockets, which did not make it on my dress because I did not finish it in time to bring it on my vacation. I do plan to add it now that I am home.

For the burgundy denim wrap skirt, I used New Look 6456. There are four length options, maxi, knee length, midi, and mini. The midi and knee length has side patch pockets. I sewed the mini version and added patch pockets to this view to give it a little character, and I am glad I did because I love it even more. I have had this pattern for years and have used it a few times, but never thought about using denim fabric to make it. I am actually happy with the outcome.

Size cut

For the Jessica dress, I cut a size medium for my 36 bust, 30 waist, and 38 hips. For the New Look pattern, I cut a size 14.


For the Jessica dress, I did not make any modifications other than using snaps instead of buttons. It’s one of those patterns that you love as is.

For the New Look wrap skirt, I changed the length so that it would fit my 5’3” frame. In order for my skirt to fit the length of view C, I had to cut view D. I also added the pockets to view D.

Final Thoughts

Let’s start with the Jessica dress. Lately I have been sewing up more indie patterns than I usually do, and I must say that I can see why people love them so much. The instructions are well written and the sizing is spot on. There are even tips on sizing and storing your pattern. For the New Look pattern, it was truly an easy make. I have made it a few times, so I have the fit already set. However, when it comes to the big four, sizing can be a hit or miss. Alterations are often necessary with the big four patterns. I will say that I do love both patterns and I have and will sew it again.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog, I truly appreciate it. Here is a 15% discount for any of the fabrics in this blog post, which has been restocked on the LA Finch Fabrics website. The discount is for a 1 time use, and cannot be combined with any other discounts. It expires July 31st, 2020 11:59PM PST CODE: SUMMERSEWING15

I hope that this blog was informative and that you learned something that will help you in your next sewing project.

I am grateful for the good in my life. -Unknown author.


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