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Hey you guys!!! I am so glad to announce my first challenge!! The CLOSET FABRIC CHALLENGE!!

Do you have clothing in your closet that you can’t bring yourself to get rid of for sentimental reasons or because you love the fabric? Well, that is me. Hello everyone, My name is Faith, and I am a sentimental hoarder.

The dress that I am wearing in the photo above is my bridesmaid dress from my brother’s wedding over 12 years ago. I know that I won’t wear it anywhere else, but the fabric is so gorgeous, and I looooove the bodice. I have this dress and a few other items in my closet that I can’t get myself to give away. I either hold on to it because of sentimental reasons or because I love the fabric. Do you guys have this problem? Well, I have a solution. Join my #closetfabric challenge on Instagram!!


1.) Find one item of clothing or more and upcycle it into something else. It doesn’t have to be clothing, just something you know you will wear or use.

2.) Follow me on Instagram, and post photos of your before and after on Instagram from January 18th to the 31st and tag me @faithstjules using the hashtag #closetfabric.

3.) Have fun and get creative.

At the end challenge, I randomly select a winner to win a $25 Visa gift card. You can use it to purchase new patterns, fabric, or whatever, it’s a Visa, you can use it anywhere. Also, I will be revealing what I created out of this dress on the 31st. Yay!!! Let’s get to cleaning out that closet and start creating.


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