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Breaking Plaid: Plaid and Yellow Unite.

Hi everyone!! I hope all is well with you. Today I am coming to you with pops of color that is sure to please your eyes and make you smile (I feel like I just wrote the opening to “The Greatest Showman”). I love when I create something that wakes up my senses, in this case, it’s vision and touch. When I saw this sportswear acrylic plaid fabric from Jo-Anns I fell in love at first sight. It is soft, warm (perfect for fall and/or winter weather), and beautiful. I knew that though it would make a great cape or some sort of jacket, I wanted to make a skirt. I searched through my pattern stash hoping to find the perfect skirt pattern to compliment this beautiful fabric, and I did. I found New Look 6456, which is a favorite pattern of mine. It is such an easy make you guys, it literally takes me about 45 minutes to make it, and that includes cutting time. However, if I use a plaid or any type of fabric that I will have to match up, it does take me longer to cut, which increases the expected time.

Don’t you just love when everything lines up?

Is That a Top?

Once I created my skirt, I knew that I needed a vibrant top to wear with it. I found this beautiful Ember Diamond Textured Knit Fabric at Jo-Anns, and I loved it, because I knew that the yellow would pull out the yellow undertones of the plaid skirt. I looked through my stash and found Burda 6838, which is not what I would call a beginner pattern. The wrapped neckline can be a bit confusing for someone who is not very familiar with certain sewing techniques and terms.

I was initially going to just create a top from the pattern, however, I decided to turn it into……………… A DRESS!! Yes, I created a dress that can double as a top under a wrap or maxi skirt. I wanted something versatile, so that is what I created. I extended the length an additional 6 inches from the view A line. I also took it in at the waist and hip area about 1 inch to get a better fit. All in all, I am happy with the adjustments that I made. I used the pattern as a foundation to customize the garment to my style.

I feel so accomplished. This project has given me two garments, one of which can be worn in two different ways. That is what I call smart sewing.

I feel so blessed to have this skill. When my husband and I were struggling earlier on in our marriage when the recession hit, and companies started laying of employees, I was able to use this skill to not only cloth my children, I was also able to use it to bring extra income into the household. I will forever thank God for the gift of sewing, it has brought me through in many ways. What is your favorite part of sewing? How has is helped you? Go ahead and comment below. Don’t forget to click the follow button so that you can get alerts to when I post new content.

Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog, I truly appreciate it.


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