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All I Want for Christmas: McCalls 7518

Hi everyone!! I hope all is well with you. I love Christmas, like many, it is my favorite holiday. I love the festive decorations, the smell of fresh baked goods with the scent of apples and cinnamon in the air, and I love how cheerful many people seem to be this time of year. I also love our Christmas family traditions. One of our tradition that I treasure the most is sewing pajamas for my whole family so that we can wear it on Christmas Eve. We make it a family affair. My husband and kids pick the fabric (this year they wanted “The Grinch), help me cut out the pattern pieces, and I did the sewing. I must say that I love their fabric choice, as The Grinch is one of my all time favorite movies. I found this fleece character fabric at Jo-Anns, and I used a contrasting solid fleece that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I love the contrasting sleeves, cuffs, etc, it breaks up the print a little bit.

McCall 7518

This year after browsing through Simplicity and Mccalls pajama patterns online, I had a difficult time choosing one pattern, because they are all so good, and there is such a great variety to choose from. However, one pattern stole my heart, and it was because one of the views was pajamas for my doggy baby, McCalls 7518. I was so excited, because my doggy is family, and of course she has to be included in the family pajamas tradition.

Pattern and Adjustments

This pattern was pretty easy to make. I did have to make a few adjustments though.

Adjustments made to the patterns

My husband is a size 3X, and the adult size only goes up to XL. I added 4 inches in width to the back and front pattern. I also widened the sleeves by about three inches. For my son, I only added about two inches in width to the kid’s version because he is not quite in the adult size pattern sizes yet, but he is too big for the kids sizes. I also added about two inches to the length of the sleeves and pants.

I used the adult size for my daughter, but I cut a small and took three inches from the length of the sleeves and pants. I did not make any adjustments to mine, I cut a medium for me. For my doggy baby, I cut a small, and had to take away inches all around, because she is a chihuahua. Isn’t she the cutest you guys?

Overall, I must say that this pattern is awesome, however, if this is not the pattern you want, you can head on over to the McCall pattern company website or your nearest Jo-Anns.

There is a challenge going on through Instagram by way of Mac of Sew Altered Style . It’s called the “sew family jammies” challenge. If you all follow me on Instagram, you know this challenge is right up my alley, because this allows me to sew and do something for my family. I hope you guys join in.

Other Pajamas that I have made for my family for the last two years. Top photo: s8520 for my daughter and myself, and #s8519 for my husband and my son. I also made a bulldogs bandana for our little dog baby. ☆☆☆☆☆ Bottom photo: My daughter’s PJ: @mccallpatterncompany @simplicity_creative_group #s8803 My pj pants: #s8803 —— my sweater: #s8738 My husband and son’s jammies: #s8519 All fabric from Jo-Anns

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. Please comment below and let me know if you are planning to make pajamas this year. Also, don’t forget to make sure you subscribe to my so that you will get alerts every time that I post new content.


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